Applications for Sound & Vibration meters/analysers

» General Sound & Vibration measurements(FFT/Octave 1/1, 1/3)
» Time domain data recording (internal or to a memory stick)
» Rotational measurement option including laser tachometer
» Human vibration measurements
» Envelope analysis
» Intensity
» Reverberation RT measurements
» Loudness rating/Tonality measurements
» Balancing

SVAN 958

Four channel Sound and vibration analyser with time domain signal recording.The SVAN 958 is all digital, four channels 20Khz signal analyser including type 1 sound level meter (meeting IEC 61172) and vibration meter(meeting ISO 8041).It is an ideal choice for the "Human Vibration" According to the ISO 2631-1 2 and 5 and ISO 5349-1 and 2 standards) and noise measurements in the occupational health and safety monitoring tasks. Each of the four channels can work simultaneously with independently configured input(transducer type),filters and RMS detector time constants.

SVAN 956 Vibration Meter & FFT Analyser

with time domain signal recording. The SVAN 956 is all digital, Type 1 vibration level meter along with analyser. Instrument is intended to general vibration measurements, machinery condition monitoring, occupational health and safety monioring. It can be used by consultant, maintenance services and industry R&D departments etc.

SVAN 955 Single Range Sound Level Meter

Is all digital, Type1 low cost sound level meter. Instrument is intended to general acoustic measurements, environmental nosie monitoring, ocuupational health and safety monitoring. Type2 SVAN953 meter also available where type 2 accuracy is sufficient.

SVAN 959 Very Powerful type 1 Sound and Vibration Analyser

with time domain signal recording.Instrument is intended to general accoustics and vibration measurements, environmental monitoring, occupational health and safety monioring. Three indivisual profiles allow parllel measurements with independently defined filters and RMS detector time constants. Each profile provides number of results(like for sound Leq, LMax, LMin, Lpeak, Spl SEL or RMS, PEAK, VDV, MTVV, in case of vibration measurments.)Advanced time Historylogging for each profile.

SVAN 979

is the advanced and powerful single channel instrument for general accoustic and vibrations measurement.
  • Time-Domain(WAV)& audio events recording to Micro SD card.
  • Very high dynamic masurment range.
  • Extremely flat frequency response(Digitaly compensasate).
  • Extremely Flexible set of interface(USB,Bluetooth,irDA, Rs232).
  • GPS Time synchronisation.
  • Super Contrast color OLED 2.4" Display.
  • Built-in Signal generator.
  • Automatic Wide Screen and extension cable detection.
  • All weather microphone protection with community and airport response.

Vibration Calibrator

  • Human Vibration measurments according to ISO 8041.
  • Multi-Frequency: 16Hz, 80 Hz 160 Hz and 640 Hz.
  • Robust casing and built-in rechargebale battery.
  • Shaker can be loaded with upto 1 Kg @ 16 Hz.

Accoustics Calibrator