Non Contact Mesurment System

Precision mesurement solutions:

condition based monitoring system , portable balancing equipment a comprehnsive array of technologies to solve complex world applications in numerous industries including manufacturing, semiconductor commercial/millitory aviation, automotive and data storage. Products consisits of elctronic guaging instruments for position, displacement and vibration application within the design, manufacturing/production, test and research markets.


The technologies we bring include capacitance, laser and fiber-optic sensors which can provide resolution up to 0.01 Micron (2.5 Angstroms).These technologies are available as sensors for integration into existing data aquition systems or as complete system level solutions that can be further integrated into a facility wide communication backbone.

Laser Triangulation System

Capacitance Mesurment System

Fiber Optic Mesurment System

Industrialise high speed laser sensor that utilizes the latest CCD laser triangulation technology for precise surface profile mesurements. Unaffected by surface texture, color or stay light.The laser mesurment system is designed to operate independently, without a controller, for high value OEM,production and QC Applications.It is ideal for solving tough production applications throughout a varaiety of industries for precise mesurments of displacements, position, vibration and thickness Highly accurate and stable capacitance mesurement sensors, probes and systems for a wide variety of displacement, position, runout and dimensional guaging applications.The accumesure capacitive product line consisits of single and multiple capacitance channel rack systems that can accepts upto 10 sensors or probes are individual analog mesurment outputs.Custom OEM capacitance sensors are available for integration into machine tools and inspection systems with liniearity to 0.01% of the mesurment range. Advanced fiber-optic based measurement instruments and sensors for displacement, position and vibration applications. With frequency response to 500 kHz and resolution to 2.5 Angstroms these sensors are ideal for high performance measurement applications that require non-contact sensing technology. High resolution vibration measurements are provided through MTII's MTI-2100 Fotonic sensor which offers both digital and analog outputs of vibration and displacement.


Robotic and
Positioning System
Lead Position and
Pitch on ICs
Vaccum Seal Integrity Sheet And Web Thickness Thickness Measurement

Applications in Design, Manufacturing/Production, Testing and Research

Vibration Servo loop positioning control Pipeline Welding Level Control
Profiling Precision Dimensional Gauging Production Control Alignment
Displacement Lens Adjustment/Focusing Quality Control Displacement
Go/no-goDecisions Flatness and Profile measurments Gap Control Warpage
Focusing Vibration Monitoring Profile Measuments Step Height
Thickness Shaft run-out and Analysis Thickness control Runout
Dimensional Guaging Thermal Expansion monitoring Length Measurment Presence/Absence of Product
Alignment Angel Measurment Fill Height