High End NVH Instrumentation

Optimize your measurement process with integrative Muller BBM PAK System !

Muller BBM PAK- The modular platform for your efficient measurement, analysis and evaluation of sound & Vibration signals, Extendable to your diverse application & adjustable to your special functional requirement. More than 150 companies world-wide are enjoying the advantages of using Muller BBM-PAK, the Test stand Acoustic Measurement System. Individual applications extend beyond application in the automotive sector. Whether your requirements are for individual solutions, integrated systems or single "off-the-shelf" modules, we are the right partner for you in completing your measuring, analysis and evaluation tasks in the field of sound and vibration signals. The PAK MK II system is an open platform by itself on which the applications and number of channels can grow to cover all sound and vibration applications. This is the most ideal system for NVH engineering since it has all the features required for automotive analysis such as Vehicle NVH/ Engine/ Transmission etc.

Benefits at Glance

  • Well thought-out design: the device, depending on the number of slots, can do without a cooling fan (background noise cannot interfere with low-level acoustic measurements).
  • Modular technology: Choose between a 2-, 3-, 4-, 6- and 10-slot mainframe, run several front ends at the same time and apply phase-synchronized networking to up to 8 systems
  • Mobile, light weight yet robust hardware
  • flexible and upgradable design
  • Maximum-precision tachometer input: up to 70 MHz pulse rate is way above average - an important aspect during order analysis and torsional vibration analysis.

MKII Hardware

MKII hardware is tightly integrated with PAK software and forms a formidable hardware & software partnership. The resulting system environment combines highly modular, multi channel data acquisition hardware with high performance analysis, graphical processing and integrated data management software. Advance signal conditioning supported by powerful digital circuitry and data handling capabilities achieves high speed data acquisition with highest analog and digital signal quality, translating in to a high dynamic range with low noise performance and distribution.

  • System starts at 2 channels & can go up to 1000 channel through choice of mainframes
  • 204.8 kSa/s with 24 bit dynamic range
  • Measures analog parameters such as: Voltage, Acceleration, Pulse-period, Sound, strain, Force, Pressure, Displacement, Temperature & more
  • Outputs analog voltage
  • Interfaces with: GPS, IRIG, CAN, FlexRayTM, EtherCATĀ®
  • Local storage on internal Solid-State Disk
  • External eSATA port for expansion of local storage to continuous data recording
  • Rugged, conduction cooled & compact with an extremely high channel density.
  • Modular, expandable and scalable

PAK software supports

  • High-performance real time analysis with different sampling groups in parallel.
  • A wide range of applications addressing standard to highly specialized measurements.
  • PAK Easy Measurement interface with interactive graphics parameters provides simplified operations.
  • Close monitoring of test candidate behavior while post-processing results quickly.
  • Standard data formats for importing and exporting measurement data easily.
  • ASAM ODS compatible data for easy accessibility in edp.
  • Dynamic networking & synchronization available
  • New future-oriented analysis options
  • New high-performance PAK functionality
  • Additional application-based Arithmetic function