Bolted Joint Quality Audit System

Cutting-edge products that measure the quality and strength of bolted joints.

Precise Measurment of

» Clamp Load
» Thread Torque
» Angle of Fastner
» Coeifficient of Friction
» Tension(Ultrasonic Edition)
» Yield Point
» Input Torque
» Underhead Torque
» Distance
» Linear Elongation
» Stretch(Ultrasonic Edition)
» Fracture Breaking
» Load Relaxation


  • All fastner testing can be done through one central instrument, the MC900.
  • All system components are compatible with each other.
  • All systems are designed for ease of use and precise measurment without technical operational overload.
  • All systems are gauranteed with extensive support, including on-site training and toubleshooting.