DAQ/Data Logging System

Test and Measurement Instruments and Solutions

Multi-source data acquisition

Accelerometers, Load sensor, Torque sensor, Force sensor, Pressure sensor, Tacho probes, Microphones, thermal camera etc i.e. Analog sources, digital sources, serial sources, video sources, Strain Gauging.
Hence, signal conditioning for any kind of sensor.

Scalable, flexible and reliable hardware

No. of channels are scalable and the modular design helps tailor-make the system as per requirement. Rugged yet mobile design make it a reliable h/w to be carried almost anywhere for testing and measurement.

Support to third party products including data analysis software

Sensor parameters together with the test parameters can be stored in the data file. Easy and complete post-processing of measured data, allows seamless repetition and traceability of tests.
Easy export to different file formats.