Advance Thermal Sensing Product

NTC Thermistors

Glass encapsulated style

  • Hermetic Seal
  • 2kΩ to 1 MΩ values
  • Tin or Gold Plated leads
  • Up to 300 0C operation

Radial leaded glass encapsulated

>-50°C to 300°C operation
>R25 = 2186 Ω to 1.38 MΩ

Standard disc style

>-50 °C to 150 °C Operation
>R25 = 100 Ω to 20 kΩ

Coated chip style

>-50°C to 150°C operation
>Epoxy or phenol resin coatings
>R25 = 100 Ω to 1 MΩ

Surge current limiter

can limit current surge for up to several seconds that can damage components in switching power supplies or other electronic devices.

PTC Thermistors


>for overload protection
>Ideal for pick and place circuit assembly
>Suitable for reflow soldering.

Over current protectors

>Fast switching
>Self resetting
>No electrical noise

Self regulating heaters

Single sided heaters

>No thermostat
>No electrical noise
>No moving parts

High power heater

>compact design
>Rapid heat up
>Rated power output up to 1500W

RTD Sensors

>Platinum / Nickel thin film
>-200 to 600 0C operation
>R0 = 100 to 1,000 Ω

Probes & assemblies

>HVAC and refrigeration monitoring
>Surface & air temp. sensing
>Industrial grade ruggedised probes
>Moisture resistant designs
>condenser & evaporator coil sensing