Accoustics Test Facilities and Noise Control Product

Anechoic chambers :
Complete turnkey project services consist of design and building test facilities in accordance with various international technical specifications and standards.

Guaranteed Acoustic performance. In-house expertise in acoustic design, civil, structural, mechanical, electrical engineering and every aspect of project management.

Milestones of Welan Technologies

India's largest pass by chamber 28 m x 17 m long, 80 Hz cut off India's first 4Wh dyno VSAC chamber 13x11 m long, 125 Hz cut-off

Listening Rooms:

Rooms built to broadcast standards, providing a quiet environment to asses the quality of a wide range of live and recorded vehicle sounds, relayed through loud speakers or via headphones.

Reverbration Chambers:

They reflect rather than absorb incident sound energy. The purpose of a reverberation room is to determine the sound power output of noise sources, transmission loss of partitions, insertion loss of silencers, response characteristics of microphones and random incidence absorption coefficients of materials. They are also used for high-intensity noise-level fatigue testing of aircraft, space vehicles and other equipment. A reverberation room provides sound isolation against extraneous noises and an environment that can be temperature, pressure and humidity controlled.

Mini Anechoic Chamber :

It provides a quiet environment, free from excessive variations in temperature, pressure and humidity. Mini Anechoic Chambers provide a compact, low-cost anechoic test environment in which manufacturers of small devices and components can measure, accurately, the noise emissions of their products.
Air bag testing- Facility to contain very loud noise levels (140dB (A)) generated when airbags are fired to eliminate risk of hearing damage to employees nearby and to enable results to be recorded on film.

Acoustic Refurbishment of Test Chamber :

Upgrade your facility to comply with current standards, utilizing state of the art robust materials and technology; including the complete ventilation system.

Studios : Modular Studios for Radio, TV, Video, Post Production and Recording. Guaranteed to perform to exacting acoustic specifications - turnkey supply includes all acoustic walls, floors, roofs, windows and doors, silenced air conditioning, lighting, carpeting and full decoration.